Noah Nichelson


Noah Nichelson says his main job is to ensure Asbury has resources required to execute on our strategic vision. In his words: "Give people the tools and training with end goals in view and then get out of the way. Course correct as necessary."

Noah joined Asbury in 2015 and has been in the carbon industry for more than 20 years. His career began in engineering and then moved into operations management. Prior to becoming President, Noah was Chief Operating Officer. His training includes Six Sigma Green Belt and Bartell and Bartell Leadership Flight School certifications and he was published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry. Noah is also credited with US Patent 7,335,331: Method for Making Ceramic Plates.

His education includes a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering at the University of Colorado.

Sue Rish

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Sue Rish joined Asbury in 2008 after a successful career as a Public Accountant. She's a CPA who has a Bachelor of Science from Misericordia University in Dallas, PA. She formerly served as Asbury Corporate Comptroller.

Lew Fish

Vice President - Business Development and Key Accounts

Lew Fish has been in the carbon business for more than 40 years, almost 30 of which have been spent at Asbury. He is responsible for leading a cross functional team to develop New Business Development strategies and initiatives in line with the Corporation’s strategic plans?and serves on the Executive Strategic Planning, and Leadership committees.

Lew holds various Trade Industry Continuing Education certifications and American Management Marketing Certificates. He is also an often-sought speaker at American Foundry Society meetings, Casting Industry Supplier Association Meetings, and Braking Supplier Meetings.

His education includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Statistics from Fresno State University, and has held positions at Asbury as International Sales Manager, Cast Metals Sales Manager, and Cast Metals Marketing Manager.

Kevin Meister

Industrial Sales Manager

Kevin Meister is responsible for managing Asbury's vast global salesforce. He started work at Asbury in 2002 and has held the previous positions of Export Sales Manager, Product Manager, and Information Technology Specialist.

He received his Associate Degree from the Allentown School of Business.

Skip Brown

Cast Metals Sales Manager

Skip Brown works with and travels with all Asbury distributors and independent reps. His duties also include participating in product demonstration, developing new product ideas, reviewing pricing and profitability analysis, and vetting prospective raw materials.

He's been with Asbury since 1990 after receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy at Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC. Skip's previously held role at Asbury was Northeast Territory Manager for all products and industries.

Jeffrey Julian

Director of Marketing and Product Management

Jeffrey Julian joined Asbury in 2010 and has the overall responsibility to direct and coordinate the marketing and product management efforts of the company globally.

His responsibilities include establishment of market-based pricing and profit and loss management on all industrial products. He also performs oversight or direct negotiation of incoming supply contracts for managed products, negotiation of annual supply contracts to key customers, development and execution of all annual Product and Market Management Plans and design and control of Asbury's social media and website activities--among other marketing and communications leadership duties. Jeffrey also serves as a member of Asbury’s Strategic Planning and Leadership Committees, is a member of the Metal Powder Producers Association and a member of the Industry Development Board for the Metal Powder Industries Federation.

Jeffrey has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from the University of Hartford, and previously held positions of Product Manager and Industrial Marketing Manager at Asbury.

David Soares

Director of Quality

David Soares executes strategies to continuously improve Asbury quality system compliance and performance. In this capacity, he directs and coordinates all Asbury quality programs and strategies, including ongoing certification to the most recent ISO Quality Standards under a corporate umbrella certification.

David has been with Asbury since 2014 and is a key contributor to the strategic planning process of the corporation and a member of the Leadership Committee. He holds certifications of ASQ – Certified Quality Manager, ASQ – Certified Quality Auditor, and Lean Master Certification, and has a Bachelor of Science degree in aeronautics from St. Louis University.

Ryan Weir

Director of Research and Technical Services

Ryan Weir has been working with industrial minerals and their use for 25 years. He has experience with oxide and non-oxide ceramics in addition to carbonaceous materials and has held technical and engineering positions within the carbon, whitewares, refractories, and abrasives industries.

Ryan is committed to ensuring that Asbury Carbons maintain a leadership position in conventional analysis methods, including physical and chemical property measurements of dry carbon and graphite powders, natural graphite geology, mineralogy, and petrology. He is committed to extending the company’s legacy of technical service. This service includes troubleshooting customer applications-related problems involving carbonaceous materials and in fact-based technical marketing of the entire Asbury Carbons product line including non-carbonaceous products.

Ryan’s education includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Glass Engineering Science from Alfred University, Alfred NY and a Masters of Business Administration from Lakeland University, Plymouth WI.

Steve Polgar

Director of Operations

Steve Polgar is a 30-year veteran of the carbon business, and oversees safety and production for all Asbury facilities.

His certifications include: Certified Mechanical Inspector, Certified Quality Technician, Certified Quality Auditor, Certified Quality Engineer, Certified Quality Manager / Organizational Excellence, and he is a certified Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) Instructor.

Nick Iacono

General Manager, Asbury Wilkinson

Nick Iacono has been in the carbon industry since 2007 and controls the sales, distribution, and operations for all of Canada. His previous positions at Asbury include Territory Sales Manager for Industrial and Non-Ferrous markets in Ontario.

Nick's extensive business acumen makes him a valuable leader at Asbury. He received his degree in Business and Economics from Humber College in Toronto.

Marc Stassen

General Manager of European Operations

Marc Stassen is responsible for management of Asbury's European operations. He's been with the company since 2013 and holds certifications in various disciplines of safety in production and projects using tools and equipment.

Marc's educational accomplishments include a Bachelor of Engineering (HTS Heerlen), Master of Science (University Eindhoven), and a Master of Business Administration (Moscow).